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We believe in building things better. That's why our sneakers are handcrafted with natural premium materials. We want the shoes you wear to be made responsibly, feel crazy comfortable and provide effortless style. What we're doing isn't special, it's how it's supposed to be done.

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Letting our conscience guide us

We make sneakers that you can feel good about (and look great in). Our sneakers are handcrafted with premium natural materials, an obsessive eye for detail, and a conscious mind. We care deeply about our craftsmen, and ensure that they earn fair wages and experience safe working conditions.

We are committed to improving and evolving our practices so that we can do better for the people and for the planet.


When it comes to choosing our raw materials, we do not compromise.
We always seek to provide added value to our customers (even if it
costs us more). Because to us, it’s worth it.


Our sneaker’s are made with fair-trade cotton. We care deeply about:

  • Minimizing harmful impact & maximizing efficiency on water consumption
  • Taking care of the health of the soil
  • Responsibly using the land, and enhancing biodiversity
  • Guaranteeing that farmers have fair working conditions and receive fair wages


No trees are harmed in the production of our sneakers! Our raw natural rubber comes from the hevea brasiliensis tree. We safely harvest the natural latex through ethical 'tapping' to remove a milky sap from the bark of the tree. Then, the unharmed trees continue to do what they do best–convert exhaled carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.


Our leather comes from Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand. (No leather is sourced from an area that was deforested for cattle farming.) Our tannery is Gold Rated by the Leather Working Group, and all of our leather is chrome VI free and follow REACH standards.

Our Leather Process

We are constantly trying to do things better. When it comes to our leather production, we’ve mindfully approached the process to make our leather sneakers in the most sustainable way possible. Our supplier operates under strict local and international environmental standards (ISO 14001). Their sustainability action demands that 100% of the water that is used in the leather process is reused and treated (with zero chemical waste output). They use solar panels as their primary source of energy. Plus, they also produce electricity from hydro-generated and thermal energy (both renewable sources).


All of our signature packaging is made from Recycled and 100% recyclable materials, and our packaging suppliers are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


In order to combat climate change, the shipping and transportation of our products to you is 100% carbon neutral. We make up for the carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offsets, creating a footprint balance of zero.

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CARIUMA came to be?

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Born in Rio, raised worldwide

Born in Brazil (but citizens of the world), the founders of CARIUMA are former shoe execs who left their corporate jobs to pursue a more inspired path. Together, they embarked on a world tour to answer the question, "what do we do next?" With a shared passion for sneakers, craftsmanship and the warm, inviting culture that raised them, they decided to build a different kind of company. A company whose practices are better for the people and for the planet. Our small, but mighty team is spread throughout Los Angeles, Singapore, China & Rio.

Want to know how we
make our sneakers

Then read on, sneaker lovers, read on.


Ready to meet our

Your solemate awaits…


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